Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An anniversary of sorts

I am an anniversary kind of girl. I remember all the dates of significant events in my life, and if they are good events I feel like they should be celebrated. Today's anniversary goes back five years ago to do the day that Nathan and I first talked.
Technically though, that's not the very first time we talked. We met at a our friend Andrea's birthday party when we were fifteen (I think). Nathan was kind of stuck up though and didn't say more than two words to me, but those were the days before I discovered a flat iron, so I can't say that I blame him. Oddly enough, the next time we talked (six years later) was Andrea's birthday.
So, Andrea if you ever read my blog, Happy Birthday!
And Nathan, thanks for calling me back. I love you!


Today Maya and Kim (Maya's speech therapist) were playing with a super-hero action figure. Maya was enjoying herself, making him fly around the room. Kim turned to Maya and said, "Do you think he needs a drink now? I bet he's tired." Maya then proceeded to pick up the barbie that was laying next to her and make them kiss. Umm...really?? My two year-old is making dolls kiss each other? Why do kids feel the need to grow up? This is my baby girl who still sucks on a pacifier and wears diapers. I guess the innocence can't last forever, but for now I'll live in my naive little world where I still believe she is my baby instead of accepting the reality that she is now an independent toddler.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I really wish I was a better blogger. My kids do so many cute things, and if I don't start keeping track, I'm not going to remember them. So, once again I'm going to make a goal to blog more often. We'll see how it goes.
Lincoln is two months old now. Two months?! Really?! It's so cliche, but time really does fly. We just had his two month check-up, and just like his previous appointments he is in the 95th percentile for weight and the 75th for height. My kids are porkers. His doctor was kind of shocked that he isn't sleeping through the night since he is so big, but my babies love their bottles. He is such a good baby though. Other than the fact that he has had some serious day/night confusion, I can't really complain. I totally love this little dude. I'll be honest here...I went to the hospital to be induced holding out hope that he was a girl, and I am so glad that he wasn't. I wouldn't want any baby but him. Look at the kid-isn't he the cutest guy ever? I mean, look at his cutie patootie lips. Don't you just want to smooch them?? I do. So, for now, feast your eyes on these pictures, and I'll try to update soon and include some pictures of my darling two year old.