Sunday, January 10, 2010

on my mind

It's 12:00 and I can't sleep, so why not blog? I have lots of things running through my head, so maybe if I type all out my head will clear and I can get some much needed sleep.

1. It's about time my little monster gets her first haircut. Is it that long you ask? Absolutely not, but she's growing a baby mullet, and we need to get the back evened (does that look right to you?) up with the top. Plus the child was cursed to have unruly hair just like Nathan and me, and the child already has split ends.

2. I am oh, so fat. I have gained, are you ready for this? 50 lbs since Nathan and I have been married, and it's about time I started losing it. Sadly, none of this is baby weight, so I have no excuse. I start dieting every Monday and by Tuesday morning the diet is over. My bf is getting married in June of 2011, so that gives me a year and a half to get my ginormous booty in shape. Although, I hope I don't lose the booty cause Nathan kinda likes it.

3. I love Nathan. He's perfect. I don't deserve him.

4. I love Maya. Right now she's sleeping soundly in her crib, and I just wanna go wake her up and snuggle her, so I think I will.

Good night!


Party of Five said...

Something tells me that even if you've gained 50 lbs, you still look HOT HOT HOT, girl! I miss you so much. If you were here or I were there- I would say let's get together and work out, but that is probably not gonna come to fruition.... hmmmm.... maybe let's be email workout buddies or something..... but I can't start until a few weeks from now.

Wanna hear something funny/gross? I'm eating burger king as I type to you about losing weight. HA!

I'm glad you think Nathan is perfect. I wish he and mike could be friends- they'd probably be besties, and if not, they could console each other about how much thier wives spend on lunch.

Post some pics of your maya bug. She is darling (but did we expect anything less? I think not).

Love you. Email me if you have time. Hugs

Jeanette said...

I so feel your pain. Good luck! :)

Stacie said...

lose it with me and my sister. we've put ourselves on a diet plan and call each other almost everyday to make sure we are both keeping on it. Want to join? That way we could talk more. I'll make sure you kick your but cause I want to kick mine. And sadly I have more weight to get off than you! plus, Nathan really is great. I"m so happy to have both of you guys in my life! And Maya gets cuter everyday!