Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

It was definitely a wonderful Christmas at the Hawk house. Watching how excited Maya was about everything (and by everything, I mean presents) was so much fun! My sister and her husband were able to come home for Christmas which made it even better. They got in on Christmas Eve night, so they barely made it! We stayed the night at my mom's house that night and opened our Christmas jammies and our ornaments. Every year since I was little my mom and dad bought us Hallmark ornaments. This year Nathan got a Dwight bobblehead, I got an advent Nativity scene, and Maya got a Princess and the Frog to remember our trip to Disney World, and Rapunzel to remember her first trip to the movies to see Tangled. Another tradition we have is for all the kids to have a slumber party and watch Miracle on 34th Street. I was the only one who made it through the movie. They were all a bunch of bums. Maya stayed up longer than everyone. Well, except for me. I didn't sleep at all because I had to get up about 5,000 times to go to the bathroom. The joys of being pregnant. Christmas day my extended family all came over, and I was forced to help out in the kitchen because my mom wasn't feeling well. Remember how I mentioned that I'm not good at baking? Well, I'm not good at cooking either, but my sweet potatoes were pretty darn amazing. I was pretty proud. Here are some pictures from our day.

Maya in her Christmas Jammies.

The kids in our pajamas. I pretty much look like poo, so don't judge.

Nathan and me.

Maya tearing into one of her presents. That girl was so spoiled this year. We really need an extra bedroom in our house, so we can have a toy room. I still don't know what I'm going to do with all of her presents.


Unknown said...

you do NOT look like poo! You are so cute!